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What does Hostproof mean?

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2013 02:13PM UTC
Hostproof simply means that we, SafeMonk, as the host for the service components, are unable to determine the cryptographic content you store or use in our system.  We are able to determine your name, email address and SafeMonk public key as these are not stored encrypted.  If this is a problem for you - make up a name and create an associated gmail account.  We are unable to determine cryptographic material by nature of the design and implementation of the system - rather than by the internal policies or promises we make.  It is cryptographically demonstrable that our ability to determine the unencrypted content of the data you store is not possible other than by means of cryptographic attack, phishing, eavesdropping or alterations to our software.  By virtue of using a Hostproof service like ours, data in other services that rely on our encryption also become Hostproof - that is - they too can no longer determine the content of the data you store on their services - other than by cryptographic, phishing or eavesdropping tactics.

No matter the cryptography or other practices in place - no one should feel that their data is secure without also taking the established and expected practices in todays computer and internet age.  Use long and varied passwords.  Use anti malware/virus tools.  Use a firewall.  Update your browser and operating system regularly.  Avoid suspicious websites, never bypass certificate warnings in your browser and don't open emails informing you of unexpected lottery winnings, misdirected fedex deliveries, password requests and so on... you know the ones.
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